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Submitted on
February 13


Hearing that song again. Some people may think it's stupid, even if they don't understand it. It's cheerful and happy.

It's a reason to get up and exercise.

Most importantly of all, it is a reason to see you smile. It has a little twang to it. Though it isn't one you'd hear from George Strait.

The song is it's own genre.

fun little boot camp packed into one mp3 file. The beat of it even made you get up and dance the first time you heard it.

That was amazing

What got me most was when you grabbed that toddler to join you and you both jumped around, dancing in your own way.

You were both like two cowboys stomping on the ground.

And as the song slowed down, the giggles did as well. But before one calms down, the aerobics come back into play. The kicking and giggling begin again, more than before.

This is my favorite scene, by far, that has played n my life.

Two precious people dropping to a bed after a good four minutes of a cowboy's boot camp.

A Love for AngealGirl777

For all you Hetalia fans who love the character songs, especially America's songs, You should know C.B.C.! Cowboys boot camp! I played this one time to my dear and he loved it so much he got up, pulled me up and we just danced like it was Rodeo day in elementary school! Rodeo day is fun by the way! It's rodeo theme and it's pretty much the whole school day doing nothing but playing rodeo themed games and face painting and eating and riding a pony! Anyways, so we did that, that led to like the best damn sleep I had in years and then I played it again a couple of weeks later cause my two year old nephew was crying! He went silent and up again went my dear and this time he picked up the baby showed him nonsense dancing and that little boy was laughing giggling, jumping trying to copy every move my husband was doing! They had so much fun and it just drove me into complete bliss!

So this one is pretty much dedicated to my husband, my two year old nephew and I shall not leave out all you Hetalia fans and people who just love my submission! :D

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